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In 1988, the German group Movement released a 12" vinyl, called "New Harbour's", recorded at Tipton Studio in Münster, supervised by Axel Seitz, former C.E.O. of Funfactory Records (who also released Pink Turns Blue, Invisible Limits, Laibach and many others at that time)

The original 12" was released by Funfactory / EFA, later Rough Trade. The song was part of many compilations and had a re-release in a acoustic version in 1991, "New Harbours '91", which was recorded in the former Studio of Alphaville in Münster.

The original song was produced by Graziano Mallozzi in three different versions (among them the legendary 12-minute "Hot Night Mix" and the "Diskorrosion Mix"), the 1991 re-release by Ekimas.

"New Harbour's" was Top 5 in the Spanish Disco Charts and seems still to have a large community of fans, if you flip all the illegal pages at youtube. The White viny edition of the 12" is very expensive; we are sorry about that (and wish we had kept some!).

With this all new page the former Movement Makers, Matt and Gernot Bridges (who are indeed Stephan Brüggenthies and Gernot Bramkamp of "The Newcolours") want to give a lifesign to all the people who expressed their love to our music over the years.

And, which might be more interesting to you: There are some demos and recordings which were not released over some quarrels between the artists and the record company.

Let's start with "Wild Side of July", a track written by Matt Bridges, who was recorded as a demo in 1990, re-recorded in 1991 and edited in 1995.

Wild Side of July - Demo Wild Side of July - 1995


Hope you enjoy.

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